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What are the differences between Shellac, gel polish and soak off gel polish?
Basically, there is no difference between these services. Shellac is a brand name most commonly associated with soak off gel polish; think tissue and Kleenex! Gel polish and soak off gel polish are just different ways to describe the process and products used to achieve the long lasting manicure that is cured under either a UV or LED light, and has to be soaked off in 100% acetone for removal.
Are the UV gel lamps harmful to my health?
We happy to say that we use LED lights for all of our gel services. UV (ultra violet) lights have been used to cure artificial nail products worldwide for many years. According to an independent study by a dermatologist, UV lamps only produce UVA rays and the exposure you receive during your soak off gel service is the equivalent to 2.7 minutes in natural sunlight.
What causes the ridges and white spots on my nails?
Most commonly white spots are the result of a mild trauma to your nail bed, a possible side effect of medications or a sign of dehydration. Ridges are usually caused by a variation in the rate of cell turnover, which slows with age, and is usually genetic. It is always a good idea to pay attentions to changes or abnormalities in your nails, and to consult your doctor if you are concerned.
My polish is peeling off and chipping and I only got it done yesterday. What went wrong?
We would hate to be the ones who contributed to this so we always want to take a look to see what happened. Sometimes lifestyle gets in the way of a long lasting polish, especially if your hands are in a lot of hot soapy water or you have very long nails – yes, polish will last longer on shorter nails. If you feel as though something is amiss in our polish application, let us know immediately as we would want to fix it immediately.
What if I am running late?
As soon as it is apparent that you will not make your scheduled appointment time, please give us a call to let us know. We will do our best to accommodate you, but if we feel there isn’t adequate time to give you the experience you deserve, you will be asked to either alter the service you are booked for, or reschedule.